The following issues have been fixed in SP4:

Issue id Title
VB-104871 IFC Export - 2013 not exporting 3D NET Spaces, with sloped ceilings, correctly
VB-138903 Plant Record Does Not Attach to IFC Object
VB-157880 Calculation result is incorrect when using the "INT", "ROUNDDOWN" "ROUNDUP" function on the worksheet
VB-165284 Worksheet parser DSH unstable
VB-169106 Search im Web Service doesn't work
VB-169364 *PruneObjectScaledBodyCachesInDocument crashed with ShellAPI::OnIdle -- Related to CL491283
VB-169850 AHA: Spaces not exported correctly to IFC if top or bottom surfaces are not "flat"
VB-170545 T02125 - Editing Stair in Multi-View causes upper floor graphics to disappear
VB-171887 Creating a slab by fill doesn't function as it should in specific file
VB-173741 Can't Marquee Select Lighting Devices in Schematic View
VB-173769 When using the Light tool in Directional Light Mode and Set Direction Mode, Vectorworks may freeze. MacOS only
VB-174222 Drip outlet 2020 to 2021 conversion
VB-174401 Space: Changing Occup. Organization in Shape (OIP) is not reflected in Data (OIP)
VB-174414 *Crash after quit in TopologyPickManager
VB-174584 Quick search results do not display for certain tools/menus
VB-174738 Corner windows with casement sash shown incorrectly when in open position
VB-175068 Arc tool attributes
VB-175114 Items missing from design layer when exiting stairs
VB-175119 *Vectorworks crashes when running "Update" of a viewport which includes a symbol involving a constrained chain dimension - ResetDimension
VB-175281 IFC mappings set up by Vectorscript deletes on Save
VB-175380 Distance Falloff settings in the Set Spotlight Rendering Options dialog are not saved.
VB-175381 Background settings revert to "None" in the Set Spotlight Rendering Options dialog.
VB-175530 Sash of Vertical Pivot Window Plugin does not move with Plan Offset setting
VB-175622 Sloped Window Editing - Beach Ball
VB-175802 "Space Area Modifier Object" cannot be changed.
VB-175803 *switching between drawings causes crash -PruneObjectScaledBodyCachesInDocument
VB-175821 KLS: Railing flipped 90 degrees when post not on corner but close on each side
VB-175870 Can't fill a field in Ifc export
VB-175871 Landscape areas create a slab object for each individual plant
VB-175943 BUG Space Wrong Value Volume in BaseQuantities
VB-176007 *Mainline Acc Test - Crash switching workspaces
VB-176057 Column tool and IFC: Structural component not part of export when using 2D components
VB-176129 DOM: Clipped Space with Roofs IFC Export
VB-176138 XM: Classes are shown double in navigation palette
VB-176764 2D Symbol: replace symbol creates duplicate
VB-176804 ConnectCAD: using insert device twice in a circuit causes error
VB-176842 Vectorworks hangs when a Sheet Layer with a Viewport of a Line type with a Gradient fill is Exported to PDF
VB-176858 Interior Elevations not bounded by room walls
VB-176887 *vs.ws2DelMenuAt() deletes the divider resource when deleting a menu or submenu
VB-176912 Dropdown for Activar resalte de seleccion is too narrow
VB-176925 ConnectCAD: T02173 improve filtering of Makes / Models
VB-176943 Multiple 'Invalid undo primitive' errors when trying to edit a Custom Cabinet
VB-176957 Changing fill style to 'none' immediately after drawing a polygon or arc does not work on Windows
VB-176961 Forward Translated Section-Elevation Line Marker in Shifting and Marker Layout Issues
VB-176962 IFC Import Performance
VB-176998 When using the Clip tool on a sheet layer viewport, the Reference Marker that is not linked to the viewport disappears.
VB-177000 Structural Steel part of Column doesn't export when export to IFC if custom 2D is used
VB-177015 *"Vectorworks quit unexpectedly." message when I quit (expectedly)
VB-177025 Polygon: can't switch fill color
VB-177049 Space issue bounds, some columns are dismissed!
VB-177077 *Title Block + Project sharing server + style conversion = crash
VB-177106 Data Manager: when adding Grid Line, IfcGridAxis is not available
VB-177117 File hangs / crashes when using ctrl click drag to duplicate
VB-177125 Publish: Naming Scheme doesn't work in the current file
VB-177185 Space Glazing Calculation Fails to Update When Duplicating Symbols
VB-177198 The Modification option of Wall Associated of Roof Component may not work properly. VW2021 specific bug
VB-177201 Export IFC Project: The cursor moves in front of the value in the Number of Stories field
VB-177206 Export IFC Project: Vectorworks freezes after entered more than five numbers in the Number of Stories field
VB-177241 ConnectCAD: Copy device shows connections when moving mouse
VB-177248 Label Legends on Multi-circuit striplights aren't centered or aligned
VB-177256 ConnectCAD: Equipment Item draws a grey square for Make / Model text
VB-177259 Landscape area worksheets - Beta Project Sharing Alert 2 when trying to sort
VB-177273 Crash when try to open/convert the attached files
VB-177314 Some exported object get color of another object when exporting to IFC
VB-177332 Best Performance: full drawing duplicated in a different scale
VB-177347 Problem selecting LAs in 3D
VB-177366 Z_71_Class and CW Windows Style Issues
VB-177376 Can't edit Gobo after first Gobo is applied to a Lighting Device
VB-177386 Parasolid export only visible classes doesn't work with groups
VB-177389 VW hangs or crashs when closing
VB-177406 Import IFC failed
VB-177417 Unnecessarily retype note into the Callout - Add Note to Database dialog.
VB-177420 Solibri Direct - Deleting an object in Vectorworks and undoing that action disconnects the models
VB-177428 Pset_RailingCommon is missing in Default Data Mapping
VB-177455 Interior Elevation Viewport Bugs
VB-177465 "In Wall hatch rotation" in sections not supported anymore if dataviz is assigned
VB-177480 Multi-View - Constraint Indicators Show on Invisible Layers Starting in VW 2020
VB-177482 Crash stemming from CRecordFormatDataControllerHelper::EditObject
VB-177483 *CDR: Trying to remove level in hatch crashes Vectorworks
VB-177485 *Program crashes when deleting hatch level.
VB-177491 Slab Surface Hatch Not Showing in Section
VB-177498 Invisible geometry in some Resources
VB-177554 Vectorworks crashes when you insert a cable
VB-177557 Lack of memory message when exporting to DWG
VB-177559 Added document crashes while opening
VB-177615 Light Instruments placed with a clamp base are moving the clamp to the lens side
VB-177643 Random Crash (PruneObjectScaledBodyCachesInDocument) while updating a Source File
VB-177655 Lighting Device Accessories Preset Placement
VB-177668 Mirror Tool fails after Arc or Quarter Arc are drawn
VB-177698 Layout symbol in Spotlight Accessories does not provide an accurate y location
VB-177699 Spotlight accessories no longer take stacking order from layout symbols
VB-177757 Braceworks bad performance
VB-177823 *Adding Base Accessories to MultiCircuit instruments - Instant Crash
VB-177834 ConnectCAD: Desig Strip object doesn't look good at non-1:1 scale
VB-177836 ConnectCAD Export Scaling Issue
VB-177850 ConnectCAD - Switching Graphic Style error
VB-177880 ConnectCAD: DA Edit device array breaks the DA graphics
VB-177890 DWG Export: missing objects with German Version only
VB-177925 Deleting Viewports Crash
VB-177950 Immediately after drawing a polygon or an arc, its Solid Fill Color or Solid Pen Color thickness cannot be changed in the attributes.
VB-177954 ConnectCAD: Design Strip object doesn't have a name in front of it and the scale is different, when you run the command Make JF Labels... on the different layer
VB-177956 Specific document crashes when activating a 3D openGL view of a specific layer
VB-177959 Crash pulling NURBS surface inside symbol - PR 10039745
VB-177997 ifcSite Name doesn't go in the IFC export file
VB-178011 Solibri Direct Issues
VB-178022 spotlight numbering crashes when nothing selected
VB-178025 Converting VWX to Project File can corrupt referenced files
VB-178033 Title Block Manager Sheet Revision Log misses Creation Date
VB-178044 *Crash during Export IFC
VB-178057 Hatch line scaling in Advanced Properties of Viewport fails using, Best Performance Navigation Graphics
VB-178077 *Vectorworks Crash when closing app on RAID partition
VB-178092 Database Format reccord not exported with IfcBuildingElementProxy objects
VB-178103 Crash in TCamera::operator=(TCamera&&)
VB-178109 IfcWall looses its component when another wall is connected to it
VB-178151 Single component wall with doesn't export correctly in IFC
VB-178153 Windows: Material information doesn't go into the ifc Export
VB-178182 Custom Pset applied on Landscape Area objects are not exported in the IFC file if wall/slab components option is activated
VB-178300 ifcgridaxis can't choose in the Data Manager
VB-178302 KLS: Stair CW crash when top stairs oblique in attached file
VB-178334 ConnectCAD Numbering systems crash
VB-178438 Extreme CPU usage by Chromium with Cable Tools Plugin
VB-178441 Deleting the class "none" deletes all space data attached using record formats
VB-178461 vs.ws2AddMenuItem() not generating correct ResourceManagerID's
VB-178464 Using GDTF geometry Crashes Vectorworks
VB-178471 Project Sharing: Unable to connect to the Project Sharing Server
VB-178512 Trying to add a GDTF profile to a Lighting device caused crash
VB-178542 VW crash when double clicking spotlight fixture
VB-178554 Polygon bucket mode deletes groups, undo won't undo this.
VB-178615 Vectorworks crashes when you import the attached revit file
VB-178632 Sheet Layers are slow to load
VB-178633 Revit import: Missing walls after import of the attached revit file
VB-178653 Vectorworks 2021 SP4 Acceptance Test build crashing on idle macOS 10.13.6
VB-178705 Project Sharing Server: Clicking empty area causes tree to disappear
VB-178732 Missing 3d symbols after Revit import
VB-178733 Landscape area: Beta Project Sharing Alert 2 on trying to sort a worksheet field
VB-178736 VW will crash when opened on Mac 10.13.6 High Sierra - 26.0.4b
VB-178821 Crash in UniversalPtr::Ptr
VB-178823 Crash in the kludge kSetAndGetHiddenPlantRecord (5557).
VB-178890 Undo Alert 9: Hyperlink Edit Symbol
VB-178979 SP4 broke Server Based Project Sharing
VB-179027 Top + bottom frame bars rolled 90 degrees in Railing/Fence w/posts offset from corners
VB-179763 Transparency Shader not exporting in 3DS/MVR properly
VB-179926 Crash on Save and Commit
VB-179942 VWGDTFExchange not compatible message launching 2021 SP4 RC1 Acceptance Test build on macOS 10.13.6