The following issues have been fixed in SP3:

Issue id Title
VB-73271 (V1)Trim tool doesn't always work correctly
VB-114389 9+ Story layers on Ifc export
VB-119845 Script Editor: no undo
VB-136939 IFC Lat / Long values in Georeferencing are different from Solibri / Revit
VB-140401 Worksheet "Edit Criteria" returns "Invalid Factor" when 'Does Not Contain" is used
VB-140439 Inner Boundary Mode of Space Tool doesn't support columns correct
VB-146617 Copy & Paste in Place in rotated Etrude is wrong
VB-147288 Translate Ctrl-TAB titles
VB-148378 About Unshaded / Shaded rendering result of VW2018.
VB-148663 Error with Paste_In_Place inside an Extrude's profile group
VB-150349 Slab objects are disappearing
VB-156521 Background Render: Unshaded / Shaded Polygon with "extra lines"
VB-156948 Some fields in are nto showing as localizade when editing the Lighting Device Parameters
VB-159000 Section Viewport Can't Be Selected in SP3 By Clicking on Plane Geometry
VB-159878 Marionette; NURBS node issues
VB-160560 Slabs Disappear
VB-162543 Schematic View Fixture Rotation Issue
VB-162768 Zoom out causes exit from edit seating mode
VB-162863 FS: IFC Export - Mapped Custom Record Fields are not exported
VB-164304 Spotlight: Schematic View fails for curved raked truss that is 3D only
VB-164785 Event Design > Create Room... has too many error messages
VB-165991 Lighting instruments in schematic views not shown in the correct 3D orientation
VB-166014 When you duplicate Lighting Device in Schematic View a minor alert should displays
VB-166157 Unable to edit default pop-up type fields in Spotlight Preference dialog
VB-166210 Video screen in Schematic View object isn't visible if you don't update the rigging object in Schematic view
VB-166235 Objects Get Inserted in the Wrong Location with Rotated Plan and Modified User Origin
VB-166528 When using Tool "Roadway (Tee)", in the branch part, the class specified as "Paving" class / "Curb" class texture is not reflected.
VB-166882 Section Viewport: 2D Cut Component objects with no fill should not take on Section Class fill
VB-166920 If the numerical value displayed in the Volumetric Properties" is five-digit number or more
VB-168300 T01946: Objects paste in Edit Layout Mode in wrong location
VB-168337 Aligned Hardscape Corrupts Hardscape Path : JBC
VB-168587 Paste In Place does not work in Object's path edit mode
VB-168776 AHA: Negative values (for west and south hemisphere) in the IFC export dialog not accepted
VB-168800 DWG Export: 2D polys in 3D plane export wrongly to DXF/DWG
VB-168922 The column widths in the data manager are not saved.
VB-169271 Rounded stage does not insert correctly based on mode bar options
VB-169911 Datatags do not work on grouped PIO with sub-PIOs
VB-170294 T02063 - "Create Server-Based Project File" Dialog No Longer Shows Default Address After Installation
VB-170651 Roof Faces Fail to Show Surface Hatches in VGM Hidden Line
VB-170682 Slab is corrupted an disappears when you try to edit it.
VB-171112 ALA: Dimension in flipped symbol show up on the wrong side of the line
VB-171482 Revision Cloud doesn't support Rotated Plan
VB-171514 Schematic Views and Accessories
VB-172022 Hanging Position in Schematic View - Spotlight
VB-172431 Wrong IFC-export of Pillar objects
VB-172469 The window object is created in different than the predefined class
VB-172993 Lighting Accessories not applied to Schematic Views
VB-173009 Plant: After you Replace Plant Style the Plant ID is set to "__NNA_TEMP_PLANT_SYMBOL-1"
VB-173620 Accessory insertion tool shows layout symbol in the preview
VB-173772 Wrong Section Viewport because of the Line Thickness
VB-173824 Revit import: If you import two Revit files in one .vwx file the symbols aren't correct
VB-173847 If selecting Dash Style from the Dash Style pulldown in the Line Render Options dialog and open the pulldown again, a different Dash Style may have a check mark. MacOS version specific
VB-173875 IFC Export: Pillars fly
VB-173899 Structural Members Show a Random Bevel/Miter Angle After Disconnecting Join
VB-173932 Plant tool preferences imports default plant even when plant is in the document
VB-173934 Incorrect help text in landscape area tool preferences
VB-173965 Revit import - Wall Clipping issues
VB-174037 Trim Tool Fails Inside Symbol Edit Mode at Certain Zoom Levels
VB-174041 Hatch Navigation Graphics
VB-174049 Export Web View to Temporary Cloud Storage fails
VB-174120 ReverseTranslate sanitizer crash
VB-174224 BUG Datavisualization Publisher
VB-174235 Help - Vectorworks Service Select points to VSS Portal
VB-174263 *Spotlight/Braceworks : Moving truss pieces instantly crashes the program -- Infinite Loop
VB-174281 Revit export has missing walls
VB-174303 Undoing the Landscape area style garden styles takes longer
VB-174305 DrawingLabelBoundary class persists if you delete the object
VB-174327 Spotlight Renderiing options: None is not localized
VB-174385 *UndoController::Resume_DO_NOT_USE crashed on multi threads
VB-174449 Cable Sets are not localized in Cable Preferences
VB-174457 Exterior walls fail Revit export/import
VB-174473 Incorrect symbol thumbnail view after Revit Import
VB-174563 Worksheet Edit Formula looses changes on error
VB-174606 Paste In-place of objects within Smart Marker Layouts are placed in wrong location
VB-174613 Spotlight Numbering Fields not in sync with Parameter Settings
VB-174639 You've removed the ability to paste viewports from drawing to drawing
VB-174661 Spotligtht Lighting Device Tool Automatic numbering not working
VB-174662 Data tag insertion offset does not work correctly
VB-174684 Key "cable_Set_All" duplicated in Cable_Obj.vwstrings
VB-174688 Key "None" duplicated in DlgSetSpotlightRenderingOptions.vwstrings
VB-174706 In 'edit accessory', lighting device does not adjust Z height if (clamp) accessoire is inserted with rotation (custom insertion mode)
VB-174715 Cable Style Class Fails to Get Locked on Newly-Created Objects
VB-174718 Marionette; external library geopy not working
VB-174766 Converting to Lighting Device resets 3D Rotation in Symbols
VB-174783 Spotlight lighting device accessory edit weight bug
VB-174787 Marionette: This network does not run when converted to object
VB-174793 Undo Mirrored Landscape area styles takes more than 5 minutes to finish the operation
VB-174807 Space: Subtraction Value is wrong
VB-174813 Section Viewport: Merge Structural Object with Same Fill option results in missing lines
VB-174824 Edit symbol from a worksheet causes VW to hang
VB-174825 *TSlabDrainageToolData::UpdateCursor crashed
VB-174837 Vectorworks crashing when importing data from ODBC.
VB-174840 RW/Enscape: Material delete doesn't get processed correctly
VB-174862 Spotlight, Deadhang bridles insertion problem
VB-174874 Some ConnectCAD tools creates English classes
VB-174890 Animation Path Exports as a Rotated Floor to IFC
VB-174900 *Undo in Edit Viewport Crop Mode Crashes/Hangs Vectorworks--SyncVPCropEditing
VB-174901 "Internal error - bad parameter encountered during disk I/O operation..." appears when you save project sharing file in the Vectorworks Cloud Services beta folder
VB-174905 *Vectorworks 2021 crashes when trying to align two hardscapes with a third which contains a curve--Hardscape::UnitePolyWithAdjacent
VB-174920 ConnectCAD: Circuit numbers overlap on multiply connected sockets
VB-174928 Displays 2D components of a symbol even it's hiding behind other objects.
VB-174943 Python VS.GetVSVar results incorrect for String.
VB-174954 TNurbsCurve::Degree crashed
VB-174963 On specific Mac computer, user can not browse though RM by search bar
VB-174970 DXF Export. A single block is created for representing two viewports with different Data Visualization.
VB-174975 Viewport Graphics Become Corrupted After Undoing Out of Crop Edit Mode
VB-174987 Publish: Custom Naming Scheme issues with spaces
VB-174990 Even if the Impedance (ohms) of the speaker is set in the Array Detail and Configuration dialog, it is not reflected in the Speaker. * This is a new setting added in VW2021.
VB-174993 *When executed "Edit Slab Addition Settings" in the context menu, VW will crash.
VB-175003 Grade Object Settings dialog - Help text needs revision
VB-175004 Structural Member's Ends Take on the Wrong Angle After Connection
VB-175010 Chamfer Tool Fails on Polylines
VB-175024 House Rigging Point:Class dialog: The Assign Default Classes with Prefix should be renamed to Use Standard Classes
VB-175031 Vectorworks crashed in debug when choosing "Auto-Boundary" from PullDown in Space object OIP
VB-175035 Data Visualization Schemes Fail to Export to VW 2020
VB-175042 Section Elevation Line angled Text
VB-175047 Revit import: The Windows are placed under the round wall
VB-175049 Vectorworks - Lighting Device - Multiple selection > Custom Gobos
VB-175053 *CreateWallAccess crashed
VB-175072 export script creates material out of order re resources it needs
VB-175081 Section Line: Resizing of the section line which is in 3D isn't correct if the file is translated to Vectorwroks 2021
VB-175082 When executed the Import Single DXF/DWG"
VB-175085 Markers: If you mirror a marker which is placed in the design layer with elevation the Plane value of the mirrored marker is changed
VB-175095 Data Visualization is incorrect after Purge
VB-175096 Railing not Visible on Deck after Exporting to IFC
VB-175110 Sheet number Text Doesn't get Rotated with rest of Section Elevation Line in Sheet Layer Viewport
VB-175122 Spotlight Braceworks: OIP gives misleading information for Hanging Positions
VB-175126 Undo bug when editing a group in multiple panes
VB-175127 KLS: Hardscape, Option Interpolate Surface slows down drawing daramtically
VB-175128 Vw crashes updating Section viewports containing Hardscapes
VB-175129 Worksheet recalculation after each action
VB-175146 Align Center yields unexpected results
VB-175149 Can't create Sheet Layer Viewport that includes Design Layer Viewport
VB-175150 DLSVP is at the wrong location with Best Performance
VB-175153 ConnectCAD: Rack values (power, weight) do not update when equipment is removed
VB-175158 Railing/fence: vertical and horizontal frame bars don't show correctly when selected to be flat
VB-175165 No visual feedback when deleting one of multiple Lighting Device Accessories in 3D
VB-175178 Schedule Formatting dialog box: Change Ok button to OK
VB-175187 Spotlight Numbering not working properly for absolute adress
VB-175190 VGM "Best Performance" is not showing the correct view
VB-175192 Lighting Pipe and Ladder need to check ShowFootprint in default values when opening older file
VB-175194 Project Sharing: The marker doesn't navigate to the correct viewport when you change name of the viewport when you refresh the working file
VB-175197 Create uneditable 3D objects in VW
VB-175201 The navigation palette tabs tear away too easily
VB-175206 KLS: Revit import cannot be used in Vectorworks
VB-175208 Querying the lambda in a compound material returns an unexpected value
VB-175214 Edit Cell and Edit Accessory choices should be removed from the LW data exchange field list
VB-175223 Video Camera issues in English and localized versions
VB-175235 Arri L7 wrong direction
VB-175238 Migrationmanager does not migrate plantdatabase images
VB-175243 Space's Glazed Area Calculation Fails to Recognize More Than One Symbol Instance
VB-175250 Accessories don't show in schematic views of Lighting Devices
VB-175254 *Crash log shows up upon quitting
VB-175257 Delete mode of Lighting Accessory Tool doesn't take into account additional plan rotation or rotation of Lighting Device in schematic view
VB-175259 The Delete mode of the Insert Accessory Tool ghosts a selector in schematic views when the Lighting Device has no accessories
VB-175269 ConnectCAD: Sockets on OUT type Connector Panels set the source connector type instead of destination
VB-175274 Space interface function CSpaceObjectSupportImpl::GetSpaceNamesOrOccOrganizations() return always SpaceDataSelector::SpaceNames
VB-175277 Landscape Area Border Style Cloud Line issue
VB-175285 ConnectCAD: Editing device info in worksheet does not update equipment
VB-175286 ConnectCAD: Editing equipment in worksheet does not re-calculate rack data
VB-175297 User origin moves with export to VW2020
VB-175305 *Crash When Attempting Create Objects from Shapes into Landscape Area
VB-175309 Orange Highlight not present on all selected Lighting Devices when in OIP 'Edit'
VB-175314 Drawing Label numbers change when a 2020 file is opened in 2021
VB-175316 QRT - Horizontal Section viewport not displaying DLVP if cut plane is outside viewport extents
VB-175324 Section Elevation Line Text Scale
VB-175326 Issue with Undo after using Lighting Accessory Delete
VB-175330 Lighting Accessory geometry not showing unless zoom in or out after using delete and undo
VB-175336 ConnectCAD: Not fully shown words in drop-down in the Device builder dialog (Win only)
VB-175339 Add data tag to section VP caused VW to hang
VB-175341 moving data tag in section viewport caused hang
VB-175343 Export of Web View to temporary storage results in a Script error message [retire this option?]
VB-175349 Data tag: The Start Value field has "#" value in the Sequence Settings dialog
VB-175350 KLS: Hoist symbol name localized to german causes failure since 2021
VB-175352 Data tag: If you change the tag field definition of a styled data tag the created objects are reset
VB-175355 Structural Member Pen Color Can't be Changed in 2021 When "Line Style" 2D Graphics are Used
VB-175356 Scaling Influence Lines dialog has incorrect tooltip for (-) Vz
VB-175369 Viewport Class Overrides Show Multiple Hatch Fills at Two Different Scales in SP2
VB-175372 The referenced Record Format cannot be edited in the active file.
VB-175375 (only Windows) Deletion of Script may not be smooth. The deletion of Script may not be reflected until the palette is redisplayed.
VB-175377 ConnectCAD: Pan on entering device edit mode
VB-175378 When exiting the Lighting Device Accessory Edit screen, the Custom Insertion Mode on the Lighting Accessory tool toolbar does not return to Remove Mode.
VB-175380 Distance Falloff settings in the Set Spotlight Rendering Options dialog are not saved.
VB-175381 Background settings revert to "None" in the Set Spotlight Rendering Options dialog.
VB-175383 "Multiple view panes" mode does not properly support Edit group behavior
VB-175385 Space settings left pane needs help text
VB-175402 When the focus point is set, the Pan or Tilt value cannot be changed.
VB-175403 Question:The list browser in the "Focus Lighting Devices" dialog is not sorted by Channel number.
VB-175408 IFC4 Import fails
VB-175409 Organisation Dialogue: Use Class Attributes
VB-175415 Plugin Label Text Takes-On the Wrong Size When Exported from VW 2021
VB-175419 Instrument Summary > Build List > problems with freezing VW
VB-175424 ConnectCAD: Equipment Items cannot be rotated
VB-175426 The angle precision changes when a Stake object creation.
VB-175427 An image that being imported as "Image Resource" won't be referenced even checked "Reference" when importing.
VB-175428 ConnectCAD: Update Rack Elevation creates duplicate equipment item
VB-175431 Spotlight - Distributor - Wrong Cable Message
VB-175434 Spotlight - Creat Hoist Report Bug
VB-175443 Design Layer Viewport Crop Fails After DWG Import (Best Performance)
VB-175449 Space Modifiers Shift When Source Objects Are at a Different Elevation
VB-175457 KLS: Complex line editor, red line missing
VB-175461 A problem with Split Tool (Point Split Fails When Underlying Objects Exist)
VB-175463 DLSVP with scale != 1 somehow made it into a file
VB-175465 Crash on DMX Patch System change
VB-175466 Bug in VectorScript on the vs.GetVSVar function
VB-175475 Browsing a document inside the Resource Manager, appears to set you up for a crash, importing tags inside the Organization dialog
VB-175482 Braceworks - Bridle Calculation - workload of drops at 0%
VB-175483 Crash upon changing layer
VB-175487 Conversion issue with Reference Markers
VB-175490 3D Plane Objects Get Pasted on the Wrong Plane in SP3
VB-175494 Bitmap in VP Annotations doesn't display when flipped
VB-175496 File crashes when switching from Top/Plan to Front view -Multi threads -- RenderPipeline::CMeshDataProvider::CreateMeshData
VB-175500 Vectorworks Crashes Updating a Viewport
VB-175509 Hoist Tool, Measurement label option missing help text
VB-175524 Rotation and Position Issues on Truss with MVR Import
VB-175525 CDR: Deleting Grid Line hangs up Vectorworks
VB-175529 Section elevation style, unable to edit from OIP after converting to instance
VB-175531 Bad Revit export
VB-175536 Crash message when closing VWX
VB-175564 Lighting Device Accessory does not appear in Schematic View
VB-175566 Crash if export to 2020
VB-175583 Tile fills in Slab components not mapped correctly in Section Viewports
VB-175591 Markers in Section-Elevation Lines and Detail Callouts shift when displayed in viewports with a Text Scale other than 1
VB-175592 Space style loses the value of AreaPerOccupant when converted
VB-175600 Help: Choose 'What's this' and click on File>Import>Import>import IGES (3D only) you go to welcome page
VB-175602 The function ApplyMarkerStyle does not set second ptofile grup.
VB-175604 Exit Seating button causes VW to crash
VB-175606 Seating Section Tool - oval and rectangle modes don't work in rotated plan
VB-175607 Seating Section Tool - Oval mode broken when oval is drawn right-to-left
VB-175609 North Arrow in Viewport Annotations does not allow rotation in georeferenced file
VB-175610 Project Sharing _VCS: After you click OK in the Entity Name Conflict dialog the "Failure on attempt to open file" error displays
VB-175620 Project Sharing, Canceling Viewport Classes will prompts the user to check Out Viewport Object
VB-175628 ConnectCAD: Compare List and Drawing does not detect missing devices and sockets
VB-175632 Vectorworks crashes when I try to dock a palette
VB-175641 Braceworks Influence lines error
VB-175644 KLS: Title Block uses rounded values instead of the defined values
VB-175651 No Horizontal Fold Marks with SIA-Style and Minus Margins
VB-175652 Undo bug when editing a parametric objects profile group with multiple panes causing VW to crash
VB-175653 IFC export pillar misplaced
VB-175656 Spotlight truss insertion class display problem
VB-175663 ConnectCAD: There is difference between first and folowing inserted devices when using Update Rack Elevation
VB-175665 Swapped values in DoorStyle after IFC Import
VB-175672 Drawing Label: 2020 -> 2021: Rounded Rectangles look like rectangles and text has white solid fill
VB-175674 Section line 2020 -> 2021: If a section line has a Marker size value different than the default value its preview isn't correct when you move the marker in Vectorworsk 2021
VB-175675 ConnectCAD: Socket / External TYPE icons
VB-175680 Big sur acceptance test - display in Hatch edit dialog
VB-175681 ConnectCAD: Renumber Devices does not disconnect device from Equip Item
VB-175683 Section Line markers not scaled correctly on forward translation
VB-175684 ConnectCAD: Number Display needs a refresh after inserting new cables in the source socket
VB-175690 Viewport: lines out of box after rotation
VB-175693 Marionette: GetType Node returns 0 for no items
VB-175702 Multi-line text not wrapping correctly in worksheet images
VB-175710 Data Tags: reported Area ignores holes in Slabs
VB-175713 ConnectCAD: Externals not forward translating from 2019
VB-175723 Crash in multi view while editing PIO plan group
VB-175735 Problem with accents in the search in the Resource Browser
VB-175740 BIMObject - BigSur - M1 - Chromium window has cut off navigation icons
VB-175752 Structural Member 2D Attributes are poorly defined when "Set Attributes By" is set to "Material"
VB-175779 Material: Description isn't translated
VB-175785 Z_64 CW Window Label Problems
VB-175796 Navigation Graphics - Best Performance: Polygon won't display during Pan and Zoom when using both a Line Style and Marker
VB-175802 "Space Area Modifier Object" cannot be changed.
VB-175803 *switching between drawings causes crash -PruneObjectScaledBodyCachesInDocument
VB-175808 The Plane of the pasted 2D object is Symbol Definition if you past the object in the Edit Symbol mode
VB-175847 Structural Member: IFC defaults always steel shape, unregarded type choice
VB-175873 ConnectCAD: Rack depth is not respecting document units
VB-175884 Missing lines in VGM "Best Performance"
VB-175890 Fitting a space object to the underside of roof loses the space's 3D colour
VB-175893 OpenGL Viewport fails with attached file
VB-175897 Slab disappears after being moved
VB-175899 Video Screen position is wrong when the user moves the screen and both riggings at once
VB-175906 Marionette: copy/paste network onto design layer with different scale disconnects nodes
VB-175922 ConnectCAD: Rack Frame report incorrect
VB-175930 *VW crash when editing drain settings
VB-175942 Project Revision History Worksheets Incorrectly Format Cells with Date Format : JBC
VB-175948 Lighting Device Not Visible in 3D Views (recent regression)
VB-175957 *Major Crash in 2021 when importing standard detail symbols
VB-175980 Spotlight numbering Fixture ID
VB-175981 Tag Field crashes Vectorworks
VB-175996 DataTag does not considers neasted PIOs when calculation the position of the leader line.
VB-176041 Opening any 2021 file version from the VCS folder shows a warning that the file is in a shared folder
VB-176049 *Vectorworks crashes if running Undo after placing Slab Drainage objects --TSlabDrainageToolData::UpdateCursor
VB-176054 When executed the Import Revit" to the particular revit file
VB-176073 Landmark Plant ID reverting to : __NNA_TEMP_PLANT_SYMBOL
VB-176097 Project Sharing: change fill style between solid and class style doesn't work
VB-176099 Trim tool inconsistent
VB-176101 Text Pen Opacity Shows Incorrectly During Navigation (Best Performance)
VB-176111 Select "Add new database table column" in "Object Database Connection", and crash when "OK" is pressed.
VB-176113 Translating folders of Structural Member default content make symbols unavailable
VB-176131 Files saved in perspective view open in top view
VB-176142 Hardscape with Slab Drainage is not exported to IFC
VB-176145 If the opening angle in the 3D display pane of the advanced door settings is 91 degrees or more, it will be displayed as an exponent.
VB-176149 Batch Convert: files freeze VW
VB-176153 ConnectCAD: Device Builder logging not working
VB-176155 Marionette: Networks that ran previously using external libraries are no longer working
VB-176161 *Crashing Switching to a Sheet from 3D view
VB-176174 ConnectCAD: Symbol Insertion tool not seeing Objects-ConnectCAD folder
VB-176187 Plant z-value changes with components
VB-176191 Area sum of multiple space objects not shown anymore in OI-palette
VB-176195 Lighting Device Accessories are not translated properly
VB-176200 detachable tab palettes
VB-176210 Title Block Glitch
VB-176211 Missing fields on accessory added to a lighting device
VB-176215 Project sharing: Visibility of the design layer is changed in Viewport Layer Properties dialog for design layer viewport after save and commit
VB-176227 Drainage slab in 2021 SP1 is deleted when opened in SP3
VB-176247 Purge can delete texture used by building material of kept coincident object
VB-176248 Align Distribute Parking Stalls
VB-176252 *Data Tags / IFC interaction: instant crash upon edit field
VB-176260 Mat Classification Standard not Loading if in Workgroup and Project Folder
VB-176272 Title Block Manager worksheet updating is slow
VB-176275 Field of Record Format miss in IFC
VB-176280 File with Design Layer section viewports crashes when exporting to DWG
VB-176284 Trim Tool Often Fails Starting in 2021 SP2
VB-176288 ConnectCAD: Custom device label symbol shrinks
VB-176289 Spotlight: Current metric template originated in version 12.5. Please create from new from scratch in 2016.
VB-176291 You can't assign a class to individual Landscape area styles
VB-176299 Marionette: node names show numbers in resource manager
VB-176318 Viewport Goes Missing with this workflow
VB-176319 The material add event should be prior to Event_ObjectModifyMaterial
VB-176323 ifc: Pset_WallCommon (and other common psets) are excluded by the datamanager, but still exported
VB-176331 DWG hatch Import: Hatch doesn't appear the same in Vectorworks as it does in ACAD
VB-176350 IFC Export - Missing Objects Based on Vectorworks Module
VB-176353 DWF Export: Page size wrong on export from a design layer.
VB-176354 Space: OI doesn't display area sum of multiple selected Spaces
VB-176368 Female Truss Connection not Working
VB-176404 Data tag cannot be applied to objects in Section Viewport
VB-176406 Class of Space style
VB-176453 *Crash while Convert to Vectorworks 2021
VB-176508 Title Block Manager freezes Vectorworks
VB-176529 *Crash on create landscape area from polygon
VB-176530 Landscape area highlight offset
VB-176545 *VW Crashes When Canceling "Create Objects from Shapes" Dialog
VB-176546 *CResourceManagerBreadcrumbControlImpl::PaintControl crashed - Win only
VB-176548 Can't edit or create Data Visualization with custom Lighting Device fields
VB-176549 Crash startup with ETCAugment3d PlugIn active
VB-176558 *OZCad/NewZealand version, crash on launch if Navigation and Object Info Palettes are closed
VB-176575 DWG Importfor an issue with referencing of DWG files with Georeferenced data in it
VB-176583 Cloud Services: Shared-file warning needs wording improvement to address resource sharing
VB-176594 Wireframe graphics do not get removed after enter solid
VB-176597 vs.IsMtrlFillStyleByCls: definition has extra braket causing error
VB-176610 BIMobject - activating BIMobject creates images that can be purged
VB-176629 Unrestricted Resize of Planar Line Objects Fails in 2021
VB-176648 VCS - Vectorworks crashes when attempting to release without having the VCS app open and running
VB-176649 Tiger Lake CPU Check
VB-176654 ConnectCAD: Make it easier to spot newly created makes/models in the logging
VB-176673 DWF Export: Custom page size is not accepted
VB-176679 Gobo and Mark need to be added to discrete Lighting Device data
VB-176689 Only one of the "Black and White Only" option and "Data Visualization" setting of Section Viewport should be effective, but depending on the operation procedure, both setting will be effective.
VB-176690 Landscape Area: Can't find a Site Model if the "Site Model Layer" layer is not visible.
VB-176711 vs.GetObjMaterialName twice in
VB-176715 Section-Elevation Line: "Flip with section view direction" constraint flips text incorrectly
VB-176722 *VW Freezes/Crashes When Exporting File to Previous Versions - CLightingDeviceData::GetParamString
VB-176725 Spotlight numbering crashes when run on this file
VB-176733 Undo does not work for Lighting Device paramters change
VB-176745 Pasting symbol parts across components causes paradox OIP
VB-176774 Plant objects not rendered properly when exported to TM
VB-176775 Roof Faces Missing when Ski Lodge File is Exported to Twinmotion
VB-176779 Gradient does not publish
VB-176780 Option to disable Civil3D Error message
VB-176802 [WISH] DWG Import alert dialog to have "Do Not Show Again" check box
VB-176866 Edit lighting Device
VB-176873 Spotlight - Lighting Device - Database
VB-176897 "Point Split Mode" of the Split tool does not work under certain conditions.
VB-176899 Z_65_Connecting V Truss Crash
VB-176915 2D Objects always pasting to Layer Plane
VB-176929 SDK Viewport rename
VB-176942 File crashes on open
VB-176955 IFC Quantity Takeoff isn't exported for Structural Member's Covers
VB-176957 Changing fill style to 'none' immediately after drawing a polygon or arc does not work on Windows
VB-176960 Data Manager: Slab Material Mapping (odd behaviour/function: GETMATERIALINFO)
VB-176967 2D Components with additional 3D elements in PIOs
VB-176970 Load Scheamtic Views do not account the orientation of the model parent when positioned.
VB-176971 Creating Shematic View witness line is not working.
VB-176974 Switching space style class from edit style dialog, will fail to show in OIP class field
VB-176976 Association lost between Section-Elevation Line and its viewport after renaming viewport via script
VB-176979 When rotating a Rectangular Tubing, it does not rotate center of the object.
VB-176990 *Slab Drainage: Create Saddle Crash
VB-176994 Exporting attached file without changing name causes application to hang
VB-177024 *KLS: Slab drainage crashes when creating saddle
VB-177062 When trimming an object, even unintended parts may be deleted.
VB-177073 IFC Default Quantity Takeoffs - Roof Face doesn`t have Base Quantities exported
VB-177074 IFC Default Quantity Takeoffs - Base Quantity NetArea is wrong on slab components
VB-177133 Project Sharing, user is prompted to check out object when cancelling editing plants.
VB-177159 IFC Default Quantity Takeoffs - Imperial unit wrong values for Volume
VB-177178 Braceworks Calculation Display error
VB-177188 Structural Members Pen Color Can't be Changed When Material is Applied
VB-177193 Section Line's End Marker Geometry Shifts in 2021 SP3
VB-177209 Lighting Symbol Maintenance - Update Lighting Device Object no longer works