The following issues have been fixed in SP2.1:

Issue Description
VB-175496File crashes when switching from Top/Plan to Front view
VB-175820Marionette: No execution error outputs since VW25.0.3
VB-176008Duplicating lights is still severely breaking LW Data exchange
VB-176164Duplicate Array Corrupts Data Exchange with Lightwright
VB-175957Major Crash in 2021 when importing standard detail symbols
VB-175640VGM crashed with Ambient Occlusion when updating the viewport on Mac OS Big Sur M1
VB-174502Accessories attached to Lighting Devices can't have their own Purpose
VB-175814Vision's renderVolumeLight.frag fails to link on M1 chip
GHCT-1771Crash on Revit export
GHCT-1772Crash on Revit import